2011 Learners’ Voice

An ongoing commitment to education

In Images: 2011 WISE Learners at global conferences

The WISE Learners recruited in 2011 attended the Summit that year and worked throughout 2012 on the theme Increasing Access to Relevant, High-Quality Education for All Learners through Innovation. Seven groups investigated access to education at various levels, including early childhood education and lifelong learning. 

To inform their research, several 2011 Learners participated in key global events during the year: 

Learners also visited two WISE Awards winning projects: School-Business Partnerships (Morocco) and the Self-Sufficient School (Paraguay), which allowed them to compare how educational initiatives are working on the ground in both countries.

The Learners presented the results of their year-long project at WISE 2012 through a dedicated Learners’ Voice debate and shared their experiences and lessons learnt throughout this year with their peers. Through active networking and meetings, they also sought expertise and advice from the members of the WISE community to discuss projects they are currently involved with and ideas that they would like to develop in the future. 

Follow their activities on the Learners’ Voice blog: http://learnersvoice.tumblr.com/ and Twitter (#WISElearners).