The WISE Awards

Ms Alba Estela Souza

Position: International Consultant for Learning and Innovation
Country: Argentina
Ms. Alba Estela Souza is a graduate in education - physics and modern languages – and has an M.Phil. in business, specializing in cultural mediation, and training in social entrepreneurship.

In Brazil, she worked as a teacher in public and private schools, founded a cultural center for children – Canta Conto – and was Director of Project for the Ralston-Semler Foundation in a rural community.

In Europe, she was Director of the Lumiar Institute, an organization recognized for its methodological innovation in education. In this role, she developed the “Synapses” partnership, for which the OECD was an observer. Partners were Microsoft and Futurelab, among others.

In Japan, Ms. Alba Estela Souza developed a volunteer movement to assist children in schools affected by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation of 2011. She also acted as consultant at Tokai University, the Brazilian Consulate and HICE, to offer better educational opportunities for Brazilian “Dekasegi” – ethnic Japanese people who have migrated to Japan to escape economic instability in South America - and their families.

Ms. Alba Estela Souza was born in Argentina and has lived in Brazil, the UK and Japan. Since 2014 she has lived in Düsseldorf, Germany.