The WISE Awards

WISE Awards 2014 Flyer

Each year, the WISE Awards recognize and promote six successful innovative projects that are addressing global educational challenges. Since 2009, WISE has received more than 2000 applications from over 130 countries. Today, 30 projects have been awarded, from a wide variety of sectors and locations for their innovative character, their positive contribution and their potential for scalability and adaptability. These projects represent a growing resource of expertize and sound educational practice. Year by year, WISE is building a community of educational innovators which offers a fertile environment for groundbreaking collaborations. Today the WISE Awards network comprises of pioneering projects that are helping bring real change to societies and communities. 

Brochure of the World Innovation Summit for Education Awards

Selection of WISE Award Winners

Project representatives from any region, educational sector or level may submit applications which demonstrate the quality and impact of their activities in accordance with the criteria.

Following this global annual call for applications, a Pre-Jury composed of education experts assesses the submissions to select the Finalists. Following this, a Jury bringing together leading personalities from the education world chooses the six Award winning projects. Winners receive global visibility along with a prize of $20,000 (US) and are honored at the annual WISE Summit. 

Support and Collaboration

Members of the WISE Awards Network gain global visibility and are given an opportunity to collaborate through various platforms: 

WISE Communications:  Projects recognized by WISE are featured on the website, showcased and shared with the WISE community via social media. WISE media partner Euronews also promotes the Award-winning projects on the weekly television magazine Learning World.

Multimedia productions:  Special documentaries and videos are produced to showcase the work of the winning projects. 

WISE Books: Several WISE Awards finalists and winning projects have been featured in WISE Books which explore current challenges and solutions facing 21st-century education 

The Annual Summit: Representatives from Award winning projects are also given the opportunity to present and discuss their work at a dedicated Summit session during the annual WISE Summit in Doha, Qatar. In addition, projects are offered an opportunity to participate in global events organized in collaboration with WISE.

2014 WISE Awards Finalists Announced

Fifteen projects from 14 countries have been shortlisted for their creative solutions to education challenges. All the Finalist projects were selected for their innovative approaches and positive impact on education and society.

The 15 Finalists join the WISE Awards community of projects that are supporting the development and replication of cutting-edge practices and generating new collaborations around the world.

The WISE Awards selection process now enters its final phase in which the WISE Awards Jury selects the six winning projects. These winners will be announced in mid-September and celebrated at an Awards Ceremony on November 5 during the Summit in Doha, Qatar. 



The 2013 WISE Awards winning projects

2013 WISE Awards Winning Project Alison2013 WISE Awards Winning Project Ithra Youth Initiative2013 WISE Awards Winning Project Medersat.com2013 WISE Awards Winning Projects Pathways to Education2013 WISE Awrads Winnong Project PEAS2013 WISE Awards Winning Project Te Kotahitanga

Originating from Morocco, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, the winning initiatives were selected by a Jury of leading education experts following a pre-selection of 14 WISE Awards finalists. All were chosen for their tangible, positive impact upon society and their innovative approach to solving important educational challenges. 

The six 2013 WISE Awards winning projects participated in a number of sessions at the upcoming WISE Summit taking place October 29-31, 2013 at the Qatar National Convention Center in Doha under the theme “Reinventing Education for Life”. They were also celebrated at the annual Gala Dinner Ceremony held on Day 2. 

Short documentary films on these six projects that have been produced in partnership with Euronews were broadcasted at the 2013 WISE Summit.

> List of finalists 
> 2013 Jury 
> 2013 Pre-Jury 

The WISE Awards Network is made up of pioneering education projects from a wide variety of sectors. and regions. Today, this expanding international community comprises of 30 WISE Awards winning-projects. These are replicable practices that cover diverse aspects of the education spectrum. Members of the network are offered opportunities to collaborate for their own development and to work together to transform societies and communities through innovation in education. 

Since 2009, WISE has identified, showcased and promoted innovative educational projects through the WISE Awards. Find out more about previous WISE Awards winning projects.

Watch the new WISE Documentaries to find out how the six new WISE Award winning projects are transforming societies and helping reform education. Each film illustrates how the winning projects from this year address on-the-ground educational and social challenges through creative thinking and innovative use of resources.