Dr. Barham Madain

Position: President of International Association of University Presidents
Country: Chile
Barham Madain is the president of the International Association of University Presidents, IAUP, an organization dedicated to developing higher education in the world, the practice of tolerance, conflict resolution, multiculturalism and peace.

The founder of the University of Viña del Mar, Chile, Madain has also been its rector for over 20 years. A graduate of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with a degree in civil engineering, he has had a long career in the analysis and design of seismic structures and civil works and served as a professor in the area of materials resistance.

The University of Vina Del Mar started as a professional institute with 200 students in 1985 and now has 6,200 undergraduate students along with international links to postgraduate programs. Madain and the University have both received awards and accolades for their contributions to the progress of the city from the Manufacturers Association of Valparaiso and Chilean government agencies. The Federation of Arab Entities of Chile and the Arab Union Club of Valparaiso have awarded Barham Madain for his long career as leader of the Arab community.

Madain has also had notable participation in business trade union activity, serving as the first vice president of the Chilean Chamber of Construction and chairman of the regional delegation of Valparaiso, as well as director and chairman of several companies in its social network, particularly related to education and training in the areas of industry and services.

He has been a constant promoter of the relationship between academia and business and the need to strengthen collaboration among universities to meet the challenges presented in the modern world. This has positioned the University of Vina del Mar to stand out in Chile for its important links to the production sector and to be recognized for its internationalization.