Collaborating for Change: 2012 Program Overview

Day 1        Day 2        Day 3

In a world where boundaries between countries, cultures and sectors are increasingly permeable, ideas move fast and are capable of inspiring change anywhere and at any time. Our thinking about education and the challenges it faces can benefit from this rapid spread of views and experiences.

The 2012 WISE Summit, “Collaborating for Change”, will explore how collaboration in many forms and at many levels can become the driving force of efforts to inspire innovation in education and to design long-term strategies for its renewal. 

November 13
On Day 1, after an Opening Plenary session setting the context for the three days of discussions, the Summit will consider what new kinds of education are needed to address the many complex and interrelated challenges facing today’s world (Debates 1.1 to 1.6). This inclusive approach may help draw the outlines of a collaborative new deal for education, which is the focus of Thematic Plenary Session 1, “Educating for Our Times”.

November 14
Building on the first day's theme, attendees will be invited on Day 2 to reflect upon overcoming resistance to change (Thematic Plenary 2: “Breaking Barriers to Innovation”) by questioning conventional models and fostering novel approaches.  Reformers from around the world will describe some creative solutions and successful practices, notably in terms of access, financing and teaching (Debates 2.1 to 2.6).

November 15
On Day 3, WISE 2012 will examine forms of collaboration which might facilitate practical and effective progress in designing the future of education. This may spring from interactions among people from different societies, sectors and cultural backgrounds (Thematic Plenary 3 – “Building a Learning World”). This may also happen by shaping effective learning ecosystems, improving strategies to share success and enhancing institutional processes (Debates 3.1 to 3.3). 

Innovation and collaboration in transforming education are at the heart of the WISE initiative, and the Closing Plenary will aim to lay the foundations of a new, far-sighted vision.