Education and Society: Listening to Learners


Date: Tue November 13, 2012

Schedule: 10.45 - 12.15 (UTC+3h)

Location: Auditorium 1

Moderated by: Mr. Anthony MACKAY

Young people are increasingly vocal in their societies, notably through social media and online communities. Even in traditional, pre-digital communities, student voices are rising, yet in most schools learners still have very little input into their learning or how their schools are governed. Does the potential of social media to instigate change heighten the responsibility to teach citizenship skills? If we are to encourage learners to act as responsible citizens, should we also treat them as such in their school communities?

Poll results: 


  • Mr. Anthony MACKAY

    Centre for Strategic Education
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  • Ms. Ayo OBE

    Gorée Institute
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  • Ms. Martha Kimweri

    Radar Recruitment Company
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  • Dr. Jacek Strzemieczny

    Center for Citizenship Education
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  • Give your opinion:
    ‘Students at all levels should have more opportunities to actively participate in school governance’
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Well, I think it was awful. MW had already given him the lowest score the day before, and knew that giving him a 2 meant he’d have no chance to get through to the judging on Friday. The parallel with Chris Fearon doesn’t really hold as he had every chance to make up a difference of a few points. When you have 9, and the next person up has 15, with only 2 courses to cook, you have a problem. I have issues with the way this series is running as the chefs don’t seem to be in line with the judges AT ALL. They seem to want totally different things. Chris Bell scored really highly all week last week and yet, the judges only liked one of his courses and he lost to Chris Fearon. Again. oakley factory outlet
X2bOdl <a href="">eyfmvqpshxtm</a>, [url=]dbjhdjvqcawt[/url], [link=]sidndzujgbnt[/link],
Not bad at all fellas and galals. Thanks.
We cannot have "governance" without "accountability." Otherwise, we would have unaccountable governance. In the context of the panel discussion, how, then, do we balance the desire for input with the need to maintain accountability?
La vraie connaissance c'est celle à laquelle on a contribué, il en est de même de la vraie gouvernance. C'est pourquoi l'apprenant doit s'impliquer dans la gestion de son espace d'études. Au Sénégal avec le fonctionnement des Comités de gestion des établissements,(réunissant des réprésentants des parents d'élèves, des éléves de l'administration, de tous les intervenants au sein de l'établissement) l'élève prend directement part à la vie scolaire. L'instauration des gouvernements d'école (surtout dans l'élémentaire et le moyen) a également contribué à responsabiliser les élèves devenus acteurs de leur propre apprentissage, s'exerçant au leadership et à la citoyenneté.
Maria Adelaida LÓPEZ Pedagogical Director - AEIOTU (FUNDACIÓN CARULLA) Colombia
By listening and taking into consideration the voice of the children, we start inviting the children into being active learners and then leaders of their own learning
I think some modifications shold be done concerning the way we use technology in education. Same as teaching little kids to cross the road, regulations for using technology should be taught to students. Case studies concerning the abuse of technology should be incorporated in the curricula, so students bemoce more aware of what it means to be online.
Uma GUPTA Fulbright Scholar - UNIVERSITY OF MALTA Malta
The goal of many US institutions is to develop and educate global citizenship. The concept and role of citizens varies significantly from one country to another. Hence the real focus should be how can we initiate the power and resilence to create grass roots movements that advance the quality of life for all.
Ghadnana AL-BINALI Professor, Department of Educational Sciences - QATAR UNIVERSITY Qatar
What kinds of school activities that develop students' skills and attitudes that will make them good citizens and are influential in their communities?
How can more pupils be encouraged to collaborate with teachers in school management?