Herchmer/Wascana Elementary School

Located: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Emphasis: Special Needs Integration, LEED certified

Herchmer Wascana Community School is one of six new Regina schools being designed by Fielding Nair International (FNI), all crafted to nurture Creative Age learners and support Regina Public School’s Structural Innovation initiative. 

The design will accommodate up to 357 students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 8. The facility includes an Integrated Educational Learning Center, which has been designed to help mainstream special needs students more fluidly with the rest of the student population. 

The new two-story building is sited for maximum solar gain with vistas to landscape and play areas. A 24 foot wide vegetated swale along the south curved wall provides a buffer between the playground and the building. The design includes a footprint for expansion to the north for a future Daycare Center. 

Varied Learning Studios 

Learning Studios, sized for 20-30 students, can be reconfigured for a variety of learning modalities from the traditional lecture, to project-based learning, small group work, student presentations, and individual learning.

Quiet Learning Studios accommodate students with special needs, such as those in the Behavioral Alternative Resource (BARP), Reading Effects and English as An Additional Language programs. 

Each Quiet Learning Studio has direct access to a quiet breakout space designed to support students who need separation or quiet time. The quiet room can also be accessed from the Cluster Commons for individual testing and smaller groups. 

Seminar and small meeting rooms are equipped for students to learn through discussion or project collaboration. Teachers may also utilize these smaller learning spaces for advanced or remedial workshops.