The Making of 2012 WISE Book

2012 WISE Book

2012 WISE Book to Focus on Education & Workforce

WISE publications are a result of  the WISE initiative’s commitment to support, spread and inspire innovative thinking and sound practices in education. The 2012 WISE Book explores the relationship between education and the world of work. The book focuses on case studies and personal stories that emerge from 15 original projects around the world that were identified through the networks of the WISE community, including winners and finalists of the WISE Awards.

Interweaving statistical data, interviews, case studies and photographs, the latest WISE publication tells a powerful and timely story about the potential of innovation to transform the complex links between education, learning, work and the workforce. It explores how the interface between work and learning is changing due to globalization, economic recession, technology and demographics.

Due to be launched at WISE 2012 in November and published by Bloomsbury, the book promises to be highly engaging for the general reader and is expected to instigate debate, creative thinking and action in the area of innovation in education.

WISE commissioned a team of innovation specialists  - Valerie Hannon, Sarah Gillinson and Leonie Shanks - to research and write this topical and very readable study which is illustrated by the work of award-winning photographer Reza Deghati.

The first WISE Book - Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers around the World, written by Charles Leadbeater and illustrated by the creative photography of Romain Staros Staropoli, was launched at WISE 2011.

The WISE Book team will be posting updates, photographs and videos during the making of the 2012 WISE Book. Follow the world tour on Twitter (#2012WISEBOOK) and on the interactive timeline featured on this page.