New Entrants: Diversifying Providers


Date: Wed November 14, 2012

Schedule: 15.15 - 16.30 (UTC+3h)

Location: Auditorium 1

Moderated by: Mr. Michael Trucano

New players, from high-tech manufacturers to IT start-ups and social entrepreneurs, are attempting to find and fill gaps in educational provision. However, some people question their legitimacy as educational providers. How best to monitor and control these offerings so that they contribute to attaining national and international goals for access and quality of learning?

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  • Mr. Michael Trucano

    The World Bank (Washington, D.C.)
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  • Dr. Matthew Kam

    International Development Program
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    Global Education Center, Infosys Technologies Limited
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  • Her Excellency Naledi Pandor

    Ministry of Home Affairs
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  • Ms. Tamara Minick-Scokalo

    Pearson International
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    Should new entrants, such as social entrepreneurs and corporate universities, play a significant role in education?
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