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Cambodian Children's Fund – Generational Change through Education

Providing education and care for children and families from the Steung Meanchey landfill district near Phnom Penh
Name of the Organization: 
Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF)
Geographical Reach: 
Number of beneficiaries: 
Over 1,200 children and their families (at present)
Project Holder: 
Mr. Scott Neeson

Cambodian Children's Fund – Generational Change through Education

About the Project

The Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) has changed the lives of more than 1,000 families who live and work in the Steung Meanchey landfill district in the outskirts of Phnom Penh by offering education as a primary, basic need. 

CCF cares for children and their families in four residential schools, a community medical center, a day care center, a nursery, a maternal care program and outreach programs. CCF’s residential schools offer safe accommodation, healthcare, clean water, hot meals, vitamins, and accelerated learning opportunities to nearly 450 children aged 6 to 18. 

The families were driven to live and work in one of the most impoverished and environmentally toxic places in the world by extreme desperation. They survive by scavenging through the garbage for scraps to sell to nearby recycling plants, while under constant threat of violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and disease. 

Many children in Cambodia are unable to attend school due to family work obligations. This is particularly true in isolated rural villages that have no provision for education, healthcare, or clean water. To serve these children CCF has also built three satellite schools, with simple classrooms, within the villages. 

The curriculum taught in CCF schools integrates Khmer public education with English-language literacy. Children participate in computer training (including web design), the arts, community service, and other learning activities. They have opportunities to travel and attend leadership conferences, visit colleges, and learn entrepreneurial skills. 

CCF was established in 2004 by a US expatriate, and Cambodian staff and volunteers now run the programs and are building long-term sustainability.

CCF also helps children who attend public school and is involved in early childhood programs, leadership training, and vocational education.

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