US News & World Report - Discussing a Model for a MENA Region University Ranking

Open Program

Location: Room 101

Experts from U.S. News & World Report described and discussed with participants the methods and challenges of comparing the attributes of schools in a wide range of countries. Participants were able to listen and interact with top editors from Washington DC based U.S. News & World Report who have developed over three decades the influential Best Colleges rankings, and heard how those rankings have helped improve American higher education and how the model could work in other regions. As education becomes more global, common benchmarks become more important. Key questions included: What is the universe of MENA colleges and universities? What are some of the factors that should be considered as part of such a rating? How would the school-level data be collected? How would prospective students, parents, academics, government policy makers and employers respond and use such a first-ever rating?


  • Mr. Brian Kelly

    US News and World Report
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  • Mr. Robert Morse

    U.S. News & World Report
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Share your questions with session speakers and moderator:

I am interested to prepare my university to participate in the MENA University ranking. Is the criteria the same as THE University ranking?
I would also like to know if this session was recorded (audio and/or video) and if it will be made public. Thank you.
Is this session recorded?