The WISE Haiti Task Force: Helping Haitians Rebuild their Education System

WISE Haiti Task Force

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The WISE Haiti Task Force aims to help rebuild the education system in Haiti, following the earthquake in January 2010.  The creation of this collaborative venture was announced at the 2010 WISE Summit.

The Task Force identifies innovative educational initiatives in Haiti that have proved to be successful on the ground. The idea is to listen to what Haitians have to say about what works best in their country rather than trying to impose programs from elsewhere. This unique approach empowers the people of Haiti, giving them a major role in the country’s reconstruction.

In 2011, the WISE Haiti Task Force identified 20 best practices from various sectors of the country’s education system. The case studies were presented at a seminar entitled “Rebuilding Education in Haiti: Sharing Local Success Stories and Global Experiences” in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, September 2011. These successful initiatives reflect the vitality of the Haitian society and provide practical insights for policy developments.

At the 2011 WISE Summit, a “WISE Haiti Task Force Working Group” Workshop convened to discuss the findings from the seminar together with next steps. In 2012, the WISE Haiti Task Force’s mission entered a second phase, focused on examining ways of scaling up certain initiatives.

The WISE Haiti Task Force has created a partnership with FOKAL (Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty), an organization led by former Haitian Prime Minister, Michèle D. Pierre-Louis. The aim of this collaboration is to support successful education projects in Haiti and foster their development, replication and scaling up, while taking into account public policies. The WISE Haiti Task Force members have selected initiatives from the 20 case studies that will receive financing to enable them to expand. There are presently 7 grantees and 17,800 children and students and 380 teachers are benefitting from this action. From the beginning, the Haitian Ministry of Education has participated as a key institution in support of WISE Haiti activities.

The selected projects are Collège de Cote Plage for primary and secondary education, Paradis des Indiens for primary education, Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC), DEMA (Ansanm pou yon DEmen Miyò an Ayiti — Together for a better future in Haiti), Higher School of Computer Electronics (Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haïti), Gros-Morne Green Schools Network and Kay Sainte Germaine.

The WISE Haiti Task Force believes in the cross-fertilization of Haitian and international educational initiatives in order to create links and encourage different ways of thinking that are productive and beneficial for everyone involved.

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