Learners’ Voice


A Continuing Program

WISE Learners’ Voice brings the views of students to the issue of rethinking education. The program builds their advocacy skills to ensure that leaders and decision-makers hear their all-important voice, and it supports their growth as change-makers in education.  

The basis of Learners’ Voice is that learning is most effective with collaboration between teacher and student. If learners are co-creators of their learning environments they are invested as individuals and as team members. 

In 2012, 30 outstanding young people from 24 countries have joined the WISE Learners’ network.

The current Learners’ Voice community consists of 78 Learners aged 18 to 25 who were recruited in 2010, 2011 and 2012. They are from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and from all around the world. They share a passion for education, and together they represent the unique perspective of the learning community in WISE.

Forty-two Learners participated in the 2012 WISE Summit. All 2012 Learners were present and they conducted interviews, reported live and spoke on several occasions during sessions to share their perspectives with the WISE community.   

Representatives of the 2011 Learners presented the fruits of their year-long activities through a dedicated debate. 

Follow all their activities on their blog: http://learnersvoice.tumblr.com/ and Twitter (#WISElearners).


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