Education and Girls Documentary

Education and Girls Documentary:It will cover the problem

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Our Current Experts on Wisdom Have Published Books and Essays Trying to Explain Wisdom and Yet Wisdom Remains as Fuzzy as Ever!

Wisdom is crystal clear in one sentence from religion, philosophy, government and science respectively. -- a) ’Wisdom is an innate property of the pious/good self; where ignorance is the innate property of the evil self' from the Scriptures. b) 'Wisdom creates good people and ignorance creates bad people', from philosophy. c) 'Wisdom creates responsible citizens and ignorance creates criminals', from governments.

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Education is Like a Building; Where it Takes the First Five Years of Upbringing to Build the Education Foundation

In the vast majority an emotionally sick education foundation is built up by unqualified and even misqualified parents. On this faulty foundation, qualified and trained teachers build the rest of the education building. Decades of trying to build a healthy education structure does not take away the consequences of the faulty foundation. In fact all future life is dictated by the innitial emotional foundation.

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