Digital Skills

With the increasing use of technology in education, it is essential to equip learners with skills to make the best use of digital tools and Internet. 
What are the main challenges in using Internet in the classroom?
Do you have good examples on the successful implementation of digital citizenship and Internet maturity at school?

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Aldo de Pape
The Internet is indeed a true treasure of education and can be used in a variety of ways for all to continuously learn more and teach better. However, with the very rapid growth of our web and the existing technologies surrounding it, it can also very much confuse aspiring online learners. At times there can simply be too many formats (video, gif, tif, poster, pdf, word docs, excel sheets, HTML files, online forms, etc.) and too many websites and platforms out there that might cause us to drown us in an ever-growing abundance of information. So how do we create a situation for digital learners to make relevant information their own? How do we work towards making an overload of information the most relevant of knowledge? In my opinion, we firstly need to define for ourselves what relevance really is. What kind of data would help us to progress in our learning? Are we looking for subject specific content or learning material on how to improve our learning/teaching skills? Are we looking for material that we can absorb quickly (under 5 mins) or material that can take up more of our time (2 week courses)? Which medium do we like and works best in our classroom - games, videos, lesson plans? And who is the actual group we need the content for? In short, before consulting the internet it is best that we personalise and prepare our search as much as possible. There are many tools that can help you with this (think of the many favouriting features that are offered in every browser) but also specific sites that offer specific formats or content that you might be looking for. With TeachPitch we are now helping in the tens of thousands of teachers from over 100 countries to get the best of learning from the internet. Through their individual profiles and libraries each educator is able to select, save, share, rate, review and in the future plan and collaborate with the most relevant learning resources available. We are very proud of each new teacher's library that is opened on TeachPitch, currently in the hundreds every single day, and genuinely hope that it helps those who help shape learning - every step of the way.
reply - Aug 27, 2015
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Digital learning is a very important if not the backbone learning in this very digital time, but one fact that worth considering is that even if the learners are provided with the computer & internet facilities they need for learning, will they use it for the right reasons? , what are the other negative impacts that internet can have on young learners? Wouldn't it be much better providing the teachers with internet & digital equipment to enhance their teaching skills than with the learners?
reply - Aug 23, 2015
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Raghu Pandey reply - Aug 21, 2015
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Rawda Eada
Internet is a treasure so it is important to know how to dig for it. There are lots of websites that provide a variety of facility types for teachers to use, but the thing is that many teachers do not know about them. Some blogs are specialized in following up to minute updates in this field and I think it is a good idea to follow one or two of these blogs. Another issue is that many teachers think it does not worth it to waste time learning how to use these facilities, and hence cannot teach their students how to use them. It is vital nowadays how to be online as everyone is there. One needs to learn how to search, what to search for, how to check for the credibility of his/her findings, and how to be visible and promote his/her work online. One experience I had was using moodle in one of the schools. The strange thing I encountered was the reaction of the students towards this. Though it was an international school and all kids had internet access all the time through their smart phones and laptops, when it became obligatory to use moodle to check for exams and upload assignments they became very creative in finding excuses for not using it. On the other hand using interactive online activities in class gave very positive results. They helped me explaining very complicated processes like what happens at the molecular level in the process of photosynthesis for grade 12.
reply - Aug 20, 2015