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Teachers Teach Teachers

As a teacher, have you been inspired by other teachers when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom? And have you learned from other teachers thanks to technology, for instance how to share content or leverage technology for higher productivity and better learning outcomes? Please share your examples with us. 
Theme : Teachers

Impact of Digital Resources in Education

Are digital resources making an impact in education?

Investing for impact in girls education

The importance of educating girls has gained greater visibility in the course of the last decade. With the recent launch of the SDGs, there has been an even greater emphasis on the field of girls' education by the international community. It has been proven that investing in girls' education is highly beneficial from both an economic and development standpoint. We are organizing this discussion to talk about the challenges and opportunities of working in this field from a practitioners' perspective.

Life Skills

In order to foster creativity and entrepreneurship, children should be given the kind of challenges they might face in real life. Do you have examples of activities that encourage children to come up with creative solutions to real problems?
Theme : Life Skills
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