Education urgently needs disruptive innovations delivered at scale. Can social enterprise lead the way forward? Experts from around the world share their views.

Can Social Enterprise Lead Innovation in Education?

Current education systems are struggling to meet the rapid pace of change and the needs of millions of learners. By offering new thinking on old challenges, social entrepreneurs aim to fill the gaps left open by traditional actors, whether in terms of access, pedagogies or learning tools. 

Can social enterprises succeed where traditional actors have failed? Are social entrepreneurs able to drive change in education by pioneering creative solutions and breaking down silos across social, business and public sectors? Experts and practitioners from around the world share their views. 

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Innovation in Education

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M. S. Rahman's picture
M. S. Rahman
The issue raised is relevant. The pressing need for even distribution of low cost quality education across countries especially the drprived one though challenging but is felt more than ever before.
reply - Nov 29, 2016
Dr. Zakia Belhachmi 's picture
Dr. Zakia Belhachmi
Social entrepreneurs can succeed in driving change in the education sector if they they adopt an integrated approach to development, and create innovative tools that are culturally appropriate and learner-centered. Likewise, Social entrepreneurs need to avoid the practices of previoous private investors in education 'after a buck" through enrollment rather than ensuring that students actually learn!
reply - Nov 05, 2016