WISE Haiti Task Force


The WISE Haiti Task Force was created at the 2010 WISE Summit to assist in the reconstruction of the Haitian education system deeply ravaged by the January 2010 earthquake. Closely working with its local partner, FOKAL (Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty), led by former Haitian Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis, the WISE Haiti Task Force is engaged in several complementary activities, in cooperation with public authorities:
  • Support to local best practices, through a call for proposals and direct grants Mentoring actions (practical seminars and internships) 
  • Development of an online hub to connect local innovative initiatives 
  • Advocacy and mediation for international fundraising

The objective of the collaboration is to support successful education projects in Haiti and foster their development. replication and scaling up, while taking into account public policies. The WISE Haiti Task Force members have selected initiatives from the 20 projects that will receive financing to enable them to expand.