Prof. Lawrence Haddad

Position: Director, Institute of Development Studies of University of Sussex
Country: United Kingdom, South Africa
Professor Lawrence Haddad is the Director of the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex. He is an economist and his main research interests are at the intersection of poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition, including poverty dynamics, social capital, HIV/AIDS, social protection, agriculture and poverty, and women's empowerment. He is a member of the Lead Expert Group for the UK Government Foresight Programme and of Irish Aid’s Hunger Task Force. 

He was formerly Director of the International Food Policy Research Institute’s Food Consumption and Nutrition Division. He has also lectured in Development Economics at the University of Warwick and was Adjunct Professor in Rural Livelihoods at John Hopkins University. His field research has been in the Philippines, India and South Africa. He has a PhD from Stanford University. His nationality is British and South African. He was selected for the latest Who's Who in Economics (Elgar). 

Professor Haddad has undertaken a large number of consultancies for international NGOs, multilateral organisations and banks. Recent examples of his work include directing a project for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to measure the effectiveness of development programmes to support agriculture and food security, which he is now developing into a major initiative to support impact planning and learning in this area; an analysis of the current state of food insecurity in the world for the FAO; and working with Save the Children UK to review UK and EC efforts to tackle undernutrition. The latter has greatly influenced the new DFID and EC strategies on nutrition. He has also published extensively on food security and undernutrition, including the recently published IDS Bulletin “Lifting the Curse: Overcoming Persistent Undernutrition in India”, IDS Bulletin 40.4, Haddad, L. and Zeitlyn, S. (2009).