Learners’ Voice at THE Conference

NEWS - Learners’ Voice at THE Conference

Feb 24, 2012

On Feb. 27-28, in Doha, Qatar, two students from the WISE Learners’ Voice Program, Zaid Haque and Mohammad Abid Shirzai will take part in the Technology in Higher Education (THE) Conference, where they will attend sessions, interview selected participants, blog, tweet and report on the event.

With a specific focus on mobile learning, this event is an ideal opportunity for educators, IT professionals and learners from Qatar and the region to meet and share ideas on the latest technologies for teaching, learning and research in higher education. 

This year, the WISE community of Learners is embarking on building an Advocacy track to make their voices heard as one on the international stage. They will conduct research on a specific theme and will be visiting selected international events and conferences to meet and interview high-level personalities. Earlier this year, they were present at Learning Without Frontiers (LWF), January 25-26, 2012, Olympia National Hall, London. 

Follow them on their blog: http://learnersvoice.tumblr.com/ and Twitter, #WISElearners