Learning World
Learning World is a series of weekly TV programs on education developed in the framework of a partnership between WISE and Euronews. It broadcasts 16 times a week to all continents in 13 languages. Most programs revolve around 3 stories of 2-3 minutes each, and highlight education issues from around that globe that surprise, inform and entertain.

Learning World: Rediscovering a Love of Reading

Part 1 - A Tale to Tell, Poland

How early can you start teaching your child to read? A Polish foundation encourages parents to read to their children 20 minutes per day, every day. The foundation believes that the only way to make kids love reading is to read to them from the moment they are born.

Part 2 - Sound and Sense, France

Expert Alain Bentolila, a linguistics professor from Paris Descartes University, provides interesting insights into reading. He gives his point of view on reading methods, talks about what's most important in the learning to read process and the need for teachers to work hand in hand with researchers.

Part 3 - Spreading the Word, Jordan

It is estimated that most people in the Arab world spend less than six minutes a year reading a book. Rana Dajani from Jordan decided to tackle this by creating an association called "We Love Reading". It brings travelling libraries into mosques. Each week there is a reading and children borrow books to read themselves.

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