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Learning World is a series of weekly TV programs on education developed in the framework of a partnership between WISE and Euronews. It broadcasts 16 times a week to all continents in 13 languages. Most programs revolve around 3 stories of 2-3 minutes each, and highlight education issues from around that globe that surprise, inform and entertain.

Learning World: STEM and Creativity

Part 1 - STEM Education As a Way Out of Poverty, Somaliland

How can we cross the bridge between arts and science in education? In Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa, one high school is inspiring excellence in its students through an emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), artistic values and a nurturing environment.

Part 2 - Interdisciplinarity Between Science and Design, France

Scientists from various backgrounds pooled their talents with a young designer and the exchange produced some fascinating results. As well as opening their eyes to a new way of thinking about their respective disciplines, their collaboration on a tuberculosis project saw them triumph in an international science competition.

Part 3 - Understanding Science through Art, Mexico

In Mexico, groundbreaking astronomer Jose Salgado is combining art and music with stargazing. His innovation makes the cosmos a little less mysterious for audiences around the world.

STEM and STEAM, Arts, Creativity

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