Learning Festival 2014: Discover the Makers

2014 Learning Festival: Discover the Makers

2014 Learning Festival: Discover the Makers

Meet the Makers

The democratization of technological tools and the access to information have accelerated breathing life into ideas. Today, virtually anyone can design, prototype and manufacture unique items. All over the world, at home, in classrooms, garages, workplaces, people explore innovative applications of technologies and share their ideas across the web. This vibrant community is called the Maker Movement.

Makers use basic analog and digital tools to experiment between various disciplines. From craft to electronics, from engineering to design, from science to art, the Maker Movement celebrates creativity, learning-by-doing and sharing ideas freely in an informal and participative environment. 

Makers, tinkerers, DYIers all over the world share their inspirations, projects and tips on wide range of media- online platforms, magazines, books. Dedicated spaces and events such as HackerSpaces, FabLabs, TechShops, MakerSpaces and Maker Faires multiply all around the world and empower more people to experiment and share their projects.

The central area of the festival  helped visitors  discover the maker movement from the feet up. It featured tools and resources the makers use on an everyday basis, playful demos and installations showcasing some of the most creative maker projects using accessible technology to enhance creativity. A screening zone offered further insight into this dynamic movement. 

In addition, the central area was animated by performances, challenges and other pop- up events organized in collaboration with the invited makers and the local creative community. For further information, please consult chapter 4- program.

Watch the Makers' Videos

Play the Drums Out of Anything
HIT THE BEAT- Physical drum machine by Lorenzo Bravi (Italy)
LEGOS™ for the IPAD™ Generation
LITTLEBITS- Library of electronic modules (USA)
Looks Like Music
Color Chasers Installation by Yuri Suzuki (Japan)
Turn Everyday Objects Into Touchpads
MAKEY MAKEY- Invention kit for the 21st Century by JOYLABZ (USA)
Create Your Own Musical Instrument
OTOTO- Musical invention kit by DENTAKU LONDON (UK)
Demistify Electronics
PAPER ELECTRONICS: Conductive electronic paper speakers by Coralie Gourguechon (FRANCE)
Write Your First Programs and Algorithms
PRIMO- Wooden robot to teach kids programming by SOLID LABS (UK, ITALY)
wise_learning_festival_demo_-_technology_will_save_us.jpg Become A Maker of Technology