Meet WISE at LWF12

NEWS - Meet WISE at LWF12

Dec 21, 2011

WISE will take part in LWF 12, Jan. 25-26. 2012, Olympia, London. 

Learning Without Frontiers is a leading event in the UK that focuses on new approaches to education. LWF, founded in 2004 by Graham Brown-Martin, creates a unique environment for exploring learning futures.

This year brings together thought leaders from the education, digital media and entertainment sectors. Headline speakers include Ray Kurzweil, Marjorie Scardino, Sir Ken Robinson, Jaron Lanier, Ellen MacArthur, Conrad Wolfram, Mitch Resnick, Geoff Mulgan, Jacob Kragh and Keri Facer.

WISE at LWF 12 will present:

  • A booth featuring the WISE initiative and the opportunity to meet the WISE community
  • A 2-day program including a book signing of Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers around the World, with Charles Leadbeater, and presentations of innovative best practices in education by WISE Awards Winners
  • A Learners’ Voice contribution with 2 students (Ms. Ivica Alpeza and Ms. Sara Buhmaid) who will attend sessions, blog, report on the event, interview participants and tweet using the hashtag:#WISELWF

We are happy to invite the WISE community to benefit from a 70% reduction on 100 entrance tickets.