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Read Local, Think Global on Education

Read Local, Think Global on Education

Global education is abuzz with the new insights and improved practices of creative thinkers and on-the-ground practitioners who are implementing innovative solutions to education challenges everywhere. 

Every day education stakeholders around the world share ideas and inspiring stories through articles, blog posts and research, but these sources remain too dispersed and often fail to reach a wide audience. The WISE ed.review aims to bring these important ideas, perspectives, and trends together in one place, as a key channel for quality, useable information and latest news on education with an emphasis on innovation. 

A daily selection of the best content, carefully chosen from sources around the world in five languages, will help you identify new information efficiently –and on topics that are of greatest interest to you. 

Regular EduDebates with experts and WISE Words written by individual contributors will offer in-depth insights on key questions, challenges and opportunities. 

The ed.review is intended to provide a one-stop knowledge base where we can pool inspiring ideas. We hope ed.review will encourage you to think bigger and take more determined action in education - and that you will enjoy using it.

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Esmeralda Rizzo
I was very interested in the work done by you guys and would like to receive news about education, innovation and technology for education. Grateful.
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