Ms Sabah Al-Haidoos

Position: Education Institute Director of Supreme Education Council (Qatar)
Country: Qatar
Miss Sabah Ismail Al-Haidoos is Director of the Education Institute of the Supreme Education Council, member of the Aljazeera Children’s Channel Board of Directors and member of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs. 

She has a BA in Education and Science (Majoring in mathematics and science), a Diploma in English and a Diploma in Advanced School Management. 

Miss Al-Haidoos began her career in the field of education as a teacher before becoming Vice Principal and later Principal of Al-Bayan School . After this, she became Principal of the Al- Bayan Complex, an institution which includes five schools and a kindergarten. In 2004 she assumed her duties as the Director of the Education Institute. Her responsibilities within the Education Institute include the management of the licensing process for independent schools, the provision of appropriate financial resources and professional development opportunities to schools and the deployment of all the required resources that enable schools to provide effective education opportunities and experiences for their students. She is also responsible for the development of criteria to guide the effective operation of schools and to appraise their performance. Miss Al-Haidoos is also responsible for supervising the work of the five offices within the Education Institute: The Independent Schools Office, The Finance Office, The Curriculum Standards Office, The Professional Development Office and The Private Schools Office.

Miss Al-Haidoos is honored to be a member of numerous official Committees and has participated in a large number of courses, workshops and professional development activities. She has attended many conferences locally and internationally and has been a keynote speaker at many of these conferences. In addition, she has delivered a significant number of training courses in the field of education and has delivered speeches at several educational symposiums./