Previous WISE Summits (2009-15)

Previous WISE Summits

Since 2009, WISE has brought together decision makers, influential experts and practitioners at  an annual Summit in Doha, to explore groundbreaking innovations and take concrete steps to make significant improvements to worldwide education. Each year, the Summit convenes under a specific theme. 

2015 WISE Summit:
"Investing for Impact: Quality
Education for Sustainable
and Inclusive Growth"

2014 WISE Summit:
Creativity at the Heart
of Education"

2013 WISE Summit:
"Reinventing Education For

2012 WISE Summit: 
For Change"

2011 WISE Summit: 
"Changing Societies, 
Changing Education"

2010 WISE Summit: 
"Building The Future Of

2009 WISE Summit: 
"Global Education Working
Together For
Sustainable Achievements