The New WISE Book Learning {Re}imagined Presented

The New WISE Book Learning {Re}imagined Presented

The New WISE Book Learning {Re}imagined Presented

October 1, 2014

The new WISE publication investigates how technology is transforming learning across the globe. Today, the rapid spread of digital technologies; increased levels of connectivity, the potential for massive online collaboration and “networked intelligence” are opening new doors to lifelong learning and breaking down generational, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries. 

WISE commissioned Graham Brown-Martin, Founder of Learning Without Frontiers and Founder of Education Design Labs, to write the new WISE Book, illustrated with images of award-winning photographer and filmmaker Newsha Tavakolian.

The WISE Book has taken the author and photographer on a world tour –to Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They visited schools and projects, and met with educators and thought leaders. The book explores how today’s educators are facing the challenge of what to teach and how to teach in a connected society. Using technology as a touchstone, the journey leads to a wider exploration of why societies are shaped as they are, the role of education systems within them, and how they may transform to meet tomorrow’s big challenges.

Highlighting the importance of the human element in knowing how to make best use of advancing technologies, Graham Brown-Martin explains, “Our mission is to get under the skin of the debate around technology in education to understand and report back on what is working and what are the obstacles as well as the triumphs."

According to Newsha Tavakolian, “Technology has certainly opened up so many opportunities, giving access to a wealth of information and resources for so many. But technology is not the only thing that has changed education, and certainly not the whole story. For me it was important to also capture the power of human interactions.”

The book leads the reader on a round-the-world adventure in search of innovation in learning and teaching. It is enhanced by a free app for mobile devices which provide an interactive layer of information beyond the printed pages. Users can access over four hours of exclusive digital video. 

Read about Newsha’s perspective on the WISE Book project on this dedicated online gallery featuring the photographer’s work for Learning {Re}imagined.

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