Learning {Re}imagined Picture

Learning {Re}imagined Picture

Learning {Re}imagined

The new WISE Book explores the link between technology and education and investigates how the connected society is transforming learning. Today, the rapid spread of digital technologies, increased levels of connectivity, the potential for massive online collaboration and “networked intelligence” are opening new doors to lifelong learning and breaking down generational, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries. 

WISE commissioned Graham Brown-Martin, Founder of Learning Without Frontiers and Founder of Education Design Labs, to write the new WISE Book, illustrated with images of award-winning photographer and filmmaker Newsha Tavakolian.

Brown-Martin explains: “Our mission is to get under the skin of the debate around technology in education to understand and report back on what is working and what are the obstacles as well as the triumphs."


Read about Newsha’s perspective on the WISE Book project on this dedicated online gallery featuring the photographer’s work for Learning {Re}imagined.



The Journey

The project took the author and photographer across the globe where they met some of the foremost thinkers and practitioners in the field of education, technology, and design, including Sir Ken Robinson, Professor Noam Chomsky, Seth Godin, and Professor Sugata Mitra. The book features case studies from Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The case studies, interviews, and thought pieces combine to form a unique perspective on the world of technology in education. 

 Read about the making of the WISE Book on the author’s blog

Beyond the Printed Page

Extra digital video content: With an emphasis on digital platforms, Graham took a new and original approach to the design and creation of this book, which is enhanced using a free digital app compatible with most Android or iOS-connected devices. A number of images in the book are linked to video interviews which can be viewed on a tablet or a smartphone.

The outdoor exhibition: A selection of Newsha Tavakolian’s photos from the journey will be exhibited at the Katara Esplanade in Doha, Qatar, during the 2014 WISE Learning Festival, open to the public from October 23 to November 8, 2014. 

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