WISE Book: Learning a Living

Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work

The 2012 WISE Book, Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work, explores ways to improve links between education and today’s rapidly changing world of work. It focuses on a critical issue: the challlenge education systems face to equip and empower citizens adequately for today’s labor market. 

The book team visited 15 forward-thinking educational projects around the world from rural Nicaragua to the metropolises of Japan to look at how they have transformed education to prepare people for 21st-century job markets. These include initiatives identified by the WISE community, such as the network of schools created by the NGO BRAC, whose Founder and Chairman, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, was the first WISE Prize for Education Laureate in 2011. It also showcases several WISE Awards winning projects, such as Widows Alliance Network (WANE)The Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio in Nigeria; and Al Jisr School-Business Partnerships in Morocco.

The authors are a team of innovation specialists: Valerie Hannon, Sarah Gillinson and Leonie Shanks. WISE also commissioned photographer Reza Deghati (known as Reza) to create vivid images that bring the case studies to life.                            

Through statistics, interviews, case studies and photographs, Learning a Living argues that change is necessary in both education systems and the workplace, but the implications go further and readers are drawn to a suitably important conclusion: making it easier to acquire skills is no longer enough; today’s students must also acquire skills and values in order to create the opportunities that will make a real difference for themselves and society.  

The 2012 WISE Book can be purchased on Amazon and Bloomsbury UK.