Doha Learning Week

Doha Learning Week: Events details

Generation Amazing Football Activity

By Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy

Generation Amazing is Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s (SC) flagship corporate social responsibility program. It uses the opportunity created by Qatar’s hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup to empower and educate people across Qatar, the region and the globe. Parents, young students and the public are invited to join Generation Amazing football pitch at Katara Corniche to participate in sessions that promote:

  • An Inclusive Generation: Teaching children the importance of accepting others regardless of their background, characteristics or situation –therefore reducing social exclusion in the society.
  • A Healthy Generation: Encouraging children to adopt healthy and active lifestyles.
  • A Green generation: Promoting sustainable behaviors to children –encouraging them to lead “reduced energy” lifestyles.

Solar Art Festival

By Shams Generation- Qatar Solar Technologies

Under the patronage of Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, the MENA region’s first Solar Art Festival is a fun filled two week festival starting on the 14th of Nov that promotes and celebrates sustainability and the use of solar energy.

The Festival brings together solar art commissions by international solar artists together with some artworks implemented by students around Qatar through the award-winning Shams Generation initiative. Additionally, the festival will also host an exciting range of hands-on interactive solar learning activities for children and adults.

Join us at the Fire Station Artist in Residence, Free entry and open all day from Nov 14th to 25th -

  • Solar Art exhibitions – Open to the public all day starting Nov 14th to Nov 25th
    A series of two solar art exhibitions by International Solar artist and students from various schools around Qatar.
    For more information visit:
  • Hands-on Workshops
    A series of hands-on workshops for schools, visiting children and adults to enjoy and experience solar energy. Do not miss the opportunity to become a solar artist and register here:
  • Solar Art Forum – Nov 14th 7pm
    Meet the artists on an interactive panel discussion on solar design and the future. Learn from the experts in this exciting new area. Space is limited so reserve your spot today.
    Register here:

Career Decision-Making Paradigm

By Qatar Career Development Center

The Career Decision-Making Paradigm is a practical tool and a mental probing exercise that aims to assist individuals, particularly the youth, in identifying the optimal academic/career path(s) for them. To reach this desired result, the paradigm outlines the need to look at two internal forces and two external factors, indicating that the optimal academic/ career path for any individual resides in the very spot where these four components intersect. This session is open to parents and students of all ages, it aims to help participants understand their interests and identify potential career path(s) they can pursue.

“Teacher, why do we have to study math?” Workshop (Arabic Workshop)

By Teach for Qatar

A session dedicated to discussing engaging methods of teaching mathematics through a discussion followed by screening a set of videos created by the facilitator. Teachers, Arabic speaking parents and students from schools in Qatar are invited to discover various methods to teach and learn mathematics.

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The Young Writer’s Program- Open Mic Night

By Young Writers' Program- US Embassy & Ministry of Education and Higher Education

An evening dedicated to young people in Doha, to share their poems, short stories and writing with the public. Parents, teachers, students of all ages and spoken words enthusiasts are invited to attend this exciting opportunity to listen to spoken word performances and share their own work with the audience.

To register, send an email to

The Magical Learning Tour

By Bedaya Center

Bedaya Center is hosting students and young graduate on the Doha Bus as part of the “Magical Learning Tour”. The tour includes a set of activities starting at Katara and spanning across Doha. Over three days, participants will go on a journey to discover:

  • Startup Businesses: Where participants will have the chance to see how upcoming local businesses are making a difference in the local economy and have been able to grow an idea into a flourishing business.
  • Cultural Locations: Where participants will learn about key cultural areas in Qatar and the importance of culture, history and heritage as how the country has focused on promoting its tourism and keeping in line with these three aspects.
  • Innovation Centers: Where participants will learn about the new technologies that are being used in Qatar and Research and development centers that are supporting the growth of innovation in the country.
  • Career Cinema: At the end of the day, participants will have the opportunity to watch and discuss a selected movie as part of our “Career Cinema” program.

During each part of the trip the participants will be asked to take part in different activities that support their learning and document this through short video. All participants will receive participation certificates as well as awards for the best videos and team work.

STEM Learning Open House

By Maktaba

Maktaba is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to cultivate a love of reading and learning among Qatar’s 300,000+ school age children. Maktaba is organizing the STEM Learning Open House, each stream – Science, Technology, Engineer, Arts and Math will be represented and participants will have hands on opportunities to learn, create and innovate. There will be creative and engineering challenges with prizes for the most innovate thinkers. All activities will be free of charge and story times will be the thread that connects the dots.


A carefully curated and designed conference that provides a stage to dedicated and passionate members of the community to develop their educational knowledge in Doha. In the spirit of TEDx events, TEDxAlDafnaED will feature ideas worth spreading from all over the local community. The scope of the ideas is focused on education and its reflection of the community. Speakers will discuss several education related issues, present creative solutions, deliver non-traditional lessons, and share thoughts about the future of education. The audience is composed of university students, educators, and individuals who demonstrate interest in developing and enhancing their educational experience.

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Career Counselors' Workshop (CLOSED SESSION)

By Qatar Career Center

In support of the QNV2030, and in line with the priorities expressed by Qatar’s leadership, QCDC took concrete steps to put an action plan in motion along three axes. First, ensuring the future Qatari workforce’s access to professional development through qualifying academic and career counselors in Qatar. Second, implementing a coordinated program to promote a culture of counseling and career guidance among students. Finally, making use of Qatar’s advanced IT infrastructure to create and develop an electronic system for career guidance.

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the QCDC Career Advising System, will assess their experience with the system and suggest program enhancements. The main objective is to help participants acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to effectively implement career related programs with the use of technology based tools in schools.

Sanea Bus

By ibTECHar

The Sanea Bus is a mobile ‘fablab’ designed to empower children of all ages. The project is part of Sanea initiative that aims to enrich the making and discovery culture in Qatar. The bus provides practical workshops for students in schools and public areas. It has a number of digital manufacturing tools such as electrical kits, 3D printers, laser cutter, and milling machine. The bus is open to students of all ages to come, brainstorm, problem-solve and create real innovative solutions to our current challenges.

Learning Through Films

By Doha Film Institute

“Learning through Film” is an evening of a number of short films screenings as well as relevant discussions focused on the relationship between movies and education. The screening aims to use local expertise and film to show how film can be used as a learning tool.

To register, send an email to

The untapped potential of Power Point

By Teach for Qatar

Abdulrahman Muath Al-Khateeb has a strong interest in mathematics as well as digital design and has been working on developing his skills through various school projects since middle school. He successfully developed a game that would help motivate students in learning mathematics with the PowerPoint software, the most commonly used program by teachers in schools. Abdulrahman’s session will demonstrate how to implement different ways to use PowerPoint, which is not limited to presentation slides, but can be used to present different learning strategies through play. In addition to his work on design projects, Abdulrahman participated and won awards in several competitions in the region. The session is targeted towards teachers, parents, education professionals and anyone who is interested in learning innovative ways to use a simple tool as PowerPoint.

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Respect 4 All Football Session


Qatar’s own National Autism Plan, and the 2016 WISH Autism Report identified the need to ensure that the mental and physical wellness of children with autism and other learning difficulties. Too often, these members of the community are excluded from everyday leisure events and physical activity, with negative impacts to both the children and their wider families and support networks. The session will be the first ‘live’ coaching session delivered to local children by those Qatar based football coaches who will have completed the WISH/Liverpool Football Club Respect 4 All campaign in October.

Debate Workshop

By QatarDebate

QatarDebate has been an active member of the Community, not only in its capacity as the Debate center in Qatar, offering workshops, trainings, hosting and organizing tournaments, conferences, etc. QatarDebate invites young students to join them for debate workshops hosted in Arabic and English in HBKU Student Center in Arabic and English.

Arabic Workshops:
Monday & Tuesday: 9:00 - 12:00 PM

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English Workshop:
Monday & Tuesday: 16:00 - 19:00

English Debate Workshop in Collaboration with Awsaj Academy:
Wednesday, 15: 16:00 - 19:00

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MENA Capacity Building for Youth and Humanitarian Action (Closed Event)


This training in Youth-led Humanitarian Action is a 3-day capacity-building program that is part of the MENA Youth Capacity-Building in Humanitarian Action (MYCHA) Initiative. The MYCHA Initiative aims to focus and catalyze the efforts of diverse stakeholders to empower young people in humanitarian settings, assuring their meaningful participation in preparedness, response and in conflict resolution. The training is designed for young people in the Middle East and North Africa to support them as engaged partners in humanitarian action. It will provide knowledge and skills on how to plan and carry out small-scale social and community development projects in emergency and post-crisis environments.

Innovation Camp (Closed Event)


The Innovation Camp is a one-day INJAZ Qatar program where up to 80 students work collaboratively to address a specific business, social or environment challenge and identify business opportunities to solve that challenge. The students are divided into teams that compete against each other through a set of recreational activities and educational games. Each team is guided by a professional corporate volunteer from the private sector and given access to specific tools, information and resources. All groups of students are then given the business challenge and asked to identify a business opportunity to solve that challenge while developing a business plan that will be presented to a panel of judges. Throughout the I Camp, students learn several entrepreneurial skills and develop their team building skills. It is an inspiring and motivating experience for the students who are challenged to be creative working under tight deadlines.

Msheireb Museums Learning Activities

Msheireb Museums are organizing a number of activities during the Doha Learning Week, including daily educational tours of the museums. To book a learning tour:

The Museum is also holding two education workshops:

Build your Anternash Workshop

The workshop targets school students of the age group 10-13 years old. The purpose of the workshop is to teach students the importance of sustainability.

Pipeline Workshop

The workshop targets school students of the age group 5-9 years old. The main objective of the workshop is to teach students problem solving skills.

What is the meaning of Education? (Closed Event)

By Doha British School

Five schools are invited to join Doha British School to present their interpretation/understanding of a quote about education by a prominent person of the past. This will enable them to work in teams and to critically evaluate quotes that are widely shared in the community.

Doha Debate Alumni Debate

By Doha Debate

Five years after its last televised event, Doha Debates will hold a special debate with Alumni at Education City as part of WISE Learning Week in November. Those students and youth who were key participants in the debates in the past will be the speakers and moderator at the event, which will be held on November 13th.

The debate will display the legacy of The Doha Debates and the impact and influence it had on former students and youth in Qatar. It will also reintroduce The Doha Debates to Qatar Foundation and Doha, especially to the generation of students who have little to no knowledge of the program. The event will highlight the values and objectives of the original series: free speech, dialogue, balanced debate and participation. The Doha Debates had a strong educational value – they provided audiences with an opportunity to watch and participate in balanced debates on controversial and topical issues relevant to the Arab and Islamic worlds.

To register send an email to

Agile Leadership program (Closed Session)


The Agile Leadership program is for principals, executive teams and lead teachers from Qatar Foundation schools and Qatar Foundation International, that aims to build the capabilities needed to lead high-impact change in their schools under conditions of increasing change and uncertainty. This is made possible through a collaboration among WISE, EDI and Agile Schools.

Teacher Training: Introduction to Finnish Education (Closed Event)

By Qatar Finland International School

Doha Learning Week Qatar Finland International School would like to offer an opportunity to English speaking educators and/or others interested to observe what the Finnish education system looks like in practice by taking the visitors to classes and by giving a presentation on the Finnish educational approach.

The visitors will be able to see the hands-on, child centered and age-appropriate methodology combined with highly competent teachers explaining about the lesson.

To register send an email to

Master Class “Levels of Learning and types of skills for business success in the year 2020”

By HEC Paris

Leaders and managers in Qatar face increasing degrees of adversity in their business environment. Globally and regionally active competitors cause margins to erode and impede even the best plans from being implemented soundly. HEC Paris in Qatar invites for a moment of reflection: Which skills will we need in order to be successful in the year 2020? What are implications for learning and development departments in organizations in Qatar? What are implications for the higher education and business education sector? What are opportunities and threats for corporate and individual citizens in Qatar? These are the questions we will address in the focus session.

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Textile Craft Interactive Workshop

By SEK International School

Grade 2 students of SEK International School Qatar have been exploring the timeless textile craft of weaving and will host an interactive workshop to share their learning with their parents. During the workshop, students will guide their parents through the process of weaving on a loom and will collaborate to create a large-scale rug. In promotion of sustainability, the rug will be weaved entirely from recycled textiles and yarn created from reused clothing.

The workshop will take place at SEK Qatar’s campus in West Bay on Wednesday 15th November from 09.30 – 11:00 and was inspired by the impressive Imperial Threads exhibition currently being held at the Museum of Islamic Art. The collection showcases elaborately designed carpets, a well-known feature of Islamic Art and a reference point during the students' inquiries into woven rugs.

Alliance of Music Education across the Silk Road

By Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing

More information will be available soon.