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As a teacher, have you been inspired by other teachers when it comes to the use of technology in the classroom? And have you learned from other teachers thanks to technology, for instance how to share content or leverage technology for higher productivity and better learning outcomes? Please share your examples with us. 

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Brenda Erlinger
To add to my comment above: now that we looking at ways to capitalize on the ways mobile learning has inspired dialog among teachers and are recognizing the potential for these participants to mentor new users.
reply - Apr 09, 2015
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Mobile Taleem, a mlearning project delivered by Developments in Literacy, has produced some exciting, unintended impact. Lessons delivered by mobile smart phones were directed toward teachers to build competency and confidence with the subject matter they teach. Our mid and end of project assessments not only showed substantial concept clarity growth among participating teachers, but principals also noted that school communities were positively impacted by information sharing among teachers. These teachers participating in the project were sharing lessons directly with students and other teachers, inspiring collaboration and school morale in the process.
reply - Apr 09, 2015