WISE Haiti Task Force

WISE Haiti Task Force

Project Support 2012

In 2012, seven Haitian education projects were identified and selected for their innovation and potential scalability. These successful practices address environmental education, cultural heritage and empowerment of communities. These projects received funding to grown and develop and to use Information Communications Technologies to improve their networking with other stakeholders in education and strengthen their leadership in the community.

Investing in quality education is a leap of faith in the future, it is understanding how the children and youth of today can contribute to Haiti’s development and engage in a culture of progress and success when they have access to the tools and the values needed to face the challenges of our modern world,” says Haiti’s Former Prime Minister and FOKAL’s president Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis.

Selected Projects


Collège de Côté Plage

Paradis des Indiens Fondation

Matènwa Community Learning


Higher School of Computer
Electronics of Haiti (ESIH)

Kay Sainte Germaine Reeducation

Gros-Morne Green Schools