Project Support 2013

Project Support 2013

Project Support 2013

The WISE Haiti Task Force Jury, comprising of international experts, has selected 10 projects that will receive support in 2013. Following a call for applications, the Jury chaired by Mrs. Michèle D. Pierre-Louis, President of FOKAL, and former Prime Minister, reached a unanimous decision to:
  • Support six projects that were awarded in 2012, for the second and last time, to allow them to strengthen their models and to replicate their expertize and innovation in the country’s public schools.
  • Support four new projects
  • Honor Mrs. Michaelle de Verteuil, founder of the Haitian initiative Paradis des Indiens, for her commitment to education and community development in difficult circumstances.

The selected education and skills-training programs are tailored to meet local social and economic needs and have proven to be effective alternative practices to traditional education, demonstrating the key role education plays in re-building lives and society in fragile states.

The projects address challenges in four key areas: access to education for disadvantaged children, the interface between education and culture, systemic integration of agriculture, nutrition, environment and education and teacher training and support.  

Access to Education for Disadvantaged Children

Haitian Society for the Blind (new grant)

Acquisition of a recording studio to ensure the creation of the Sound Library, give the blind access to books (in Creole and in French) and support their rights to access culture and end exclusion.


Centre d’aide psychologique de la conférence haïtienne des religieux (new grant)

Provide psychological support to children and teenagers through prevention against violence, psychological care and awareness training within the communities.
Kay Ste Germaine, children with special needs (2012)

Provide training to professionals working with special needs children in different centers in Haiti, including physical therapy, special education, good child care practices. Provide training to families of children with disabilities. 


Final Selection - Systemic Integration of Agriculture, Nutrition, Environment, Education

Matènwa center learning – Island Gonave (2012)

Support the implementation of community initiatives impacting educational and agricultural practices: creation of self-managed gardens, of community meetings, of a sustainable Tool Bank, and strengthening of family awareness about organic gardening techniques. 


Association des originaires de Gros Morne (2012)

Supervise the schools member of the Green Schools Network through the training of teachers and students (Haitian WISE learners voice) to the techniques of composting and assembling of the garden center. Help develop small local businesses using environmental resources and recyclable waste.


Final Selection - Teacher Training and Support


EFACAP Kenscof (EFACAP : Basic Education schools and pedagogical support center)  (new grant)

Promote and democratize reading through the establishment of reading classes, introduce documentation and technology as learning tools.
ADEMA and its support to EFACAP in the North dept (2012)

Reinforce the use and appropriation of information and communication technologies (NTICs) for the teachers, students and staff of 3 EFACAPS, in order to improve knowledge and learning. Insure through discussions that appropriate pedagogy accompanies the appropriation of those technologies in the classrooms.
College de Cote Plage and its public schools network in rural areas (2012)

Support an Energy and ICTs network between 8 schools to share knowledge and educational experience, strengthen the capacity to use ICTs.


Final Selection - Interface Between Education and Culture


Cine Institute (new grant)

Implement 2 school projects to incorporate local oral literature in the development of film skills
Ecole supérieure d’infotronique d’Haïti (2012)

Design and making of a three dimensional modeling, using virtual reality technologies, which will contribute to the development of electronic research and in the conservation of the Haitian cultural heritage. 




Ms Michèle D. Pierre-Louis,
Mr. Jean-Eric Aubert,
Mr. Michel Dispersyn,
Mr. Jacksonn Joseph,
Ms Frannie Léautier,
Ms Lorraine Mangones,
Mr. Adama Ouane,
Ms Carole Sassine,