WISE in the Media - 2013

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WISE in the Media - 2013

Members of the media play a unique role in the WISE community. Through their work they have the power to influence the debate – to highlight  the importance of education and to engage those stakeholders whose decisions and actions will impact individuals and communities for years to come.

Children Thrive in Rural Colombia's Flexible School                                                                     
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Qatar: The 'Nobel [Prize] for Education' Awarded to Colombia's Vicky Colbert                                         
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Floating Schools’ Bring Classrooms to Stranded Students                    
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“This small Arab country of no more than 2 million people, intends to become one of the leading lights in education in the world”
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“WISE is an exchange of practices. [...]. Social entrepreneurs and policy makers come together and discuss what they do rather than discoursing on what should be done …WISE is a Davos of education and the [WISE] Awards are the Oscars of teaching.”
Read full article (in French): http://bit.ly/1ndxsOn

[The WISE Prize for Education] “has been likened to Nobel prize for education”                                           
Read full article: http://bbc.in/1mo9nD9

“The WISE Summit itself, together with WISE Prize for Education, WISE Awards and other programs, is undoubtedly the leading example of global collaboration in educational innovation.”
Read full article (in Chinese): http://bit.ly/1n8drex

The current education secretary is held to be a radical thinker but as one listened to the innovative and dramatic projects at WISE it was hard to think of a less radical approach to thinking and curriculums than the one being pursued by Mr Gove [UK education secretary]…When Mr Gove is finished teaching us how to run our schools he should go to WISE. And learn.”
Read article: http://gu.com/p/3k4xd/tw

“The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is one of the most recognized international events in the [education] field, held annually in Doha by Qatar Foundation since 2009” 
Read article: http://glo.bo/1uizxNj

“This is the first image presented at the World Innovation Summit for Education. From it a palpable need emerges to reinvent education to make it useful in the life of every child who will become an adult.”
Read article (in Italian): http://bit.ly/1kEPSXn

“WISE had a momentum that came with a conference of international stature and status of a global convention”
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“WISE, the Davos of education, begins in Doha”                                                         
Read the full article (in French): http://bit.ly/1i4PS2X                                                

WISE is “globalisation in action… We have learned a number of useful ideas and practices that can be applied in Russia and should be implemented in our system.”
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