WISE Learners' Voice

2016-17 Learners' Voice

The 2016-17 Learners’ Voice cohort consists of 26 outstanding Learners from 25 countries rigorously selected from a diverse pool of applicants who, through their academic, professional and/or personal work, strongly demonstrate their commitment to and engagement in the field of education. In a key component of the program, the Learners are tasked with developing innovative, educational interventions to a pressing social issue identified by WISE. This year the participants will be engaged in theoretical and practical components relating to the Global Forced Migration and Displacement Crisis.

The Learners participate in two intensive residential sessions delivered by expert faculty, online project development, project piloting and the final project pitch at the WISE 2017.

First Residential Session

Participants work with WISE partners on the ground to gain a practical understanding of the challenges facing the target demographic and the ecosystem in which they exist. Theoretical sessions delivered by expert faculty complement the experiential component. The blend of experiential and academic immersion is designed to provide the participants with a holistic understanding of complex challenges, and to enable them to co-create relevant, feasible interventions focused on the real needs of the community they are supporting.

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Online Project Development

In this component, participants work in project teams which were formed in the first residential session and participants continue to develop the projects throughout the year with guidance from the Learners’ Voice Team and expert mentors from the WISE community. After thorough evaluation, selected projects will be invited to pitch to an audience of relevant stakeholders, including potential donors and partners at the 2017 WISE Summit.

Second Residential Session

The group took part in experiential workshops on social entrepreneurship, innovation and communication delivered by Babson College and various experts. The session equiped participants with the necessary frameworks and skills to refine and strengthen their project proposals, develop their entrepreneurial pitch and pilot their projects.

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Based on the strength of the project proposals, selected teams have the opportunity to pilot their projects with the target community. The purpose of the pilot is to test the idea on a small scale and evaluate its benefits, risks and feasibility. The pilot phase will be conducted in partnership with organizations on the ground.


Based on the findings from the pilot and the strength of the final submission, selected teams will be given the opportunity to pitch their projects to an audience of relevant experts, practitioners and stakeholders.

Meet the Learners

Abubakr Abdelbagi,

Agathe Christien,

Alexander Walzl,

Ali Abdi Rabab,

Amina Hamad,

Christina Ong,
United States of America

Fahad Al Musalmani,
Qatar, Palestine


Gabriel Saruhashi,
Brazil, Japan

Ghada Alhadad,

Guill Marc Mariano,

Jikar Khoun Mohamad,

Jiqi Yang,

Khushbakht Suhail,

Liliya Bovets,

Mohammed Khorshid Sherro,

Oriol Pueyo Muñoz,

Paula Melisa Trad Malmod,

Rayah Algheithy,
Saudi Arabia

Shabnam Safa,
Australia, Afghanistan

Shakeeb Asrar,

Shevika Mishra,

Tehreem Asghar,
South Africa

Verona Gajang,
South Sudan