WISE Learners Present Their Projects in Bangkok

From March 5 to 7, 2014, four members of the WISE Learners' Voice Program, Jyoti Rahaman (Bangladesh), Esther McFarlane (South Africa), Ahsan Malik (UK) and Khalid Al-Saegh (Qatar) will be participating in the 9th Annual Education and Development Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The event, organized by Tomorrow People Organization, is a forum and networking place for all those interested in exploring and discussing the interdependence between education and development.

For the first time this year, the WISE Learners will have the opportunity to present to an open audience the progress made on the design of their collective projects, which seek to address crucial issues in the field of education. Some of the project ideas include: increasing access to education using container schools, reintegrating children “born of war” in Uganda through arts education, empowering youth with effective career guidance, and enhancing STEAM education – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics - with 3D printers.

During the conference, the Learners will also be interviewing selected participants, blogging, and tweeting on their experience.

Follow the Learners’ live reports live from Bangkok on Twitter, #WISElearners, and via the Learners’ Voice blog.