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Learning World is a series of weekly TV programs on education developed in the framework of a partnership between WISE and Euronews. It broadcasts 16 times a week to all continents in 13 languages. Most programs revolve around 3 stories of 2-3 minutes each, and highlight education issues from around that globe that surprise, inform and entertain.

Learning World: Learning to Cope: the Impact of Syria’s War on the ‘Lost Generation’

UNICEF estimates that there are around 2.6 million Syrian children out of school. This week’s Learning World episode sheds light on the efforts done by UNICEF and local NGOs to help this generation build a better future.

Part 1: Bringing Communities Together in Syria

North East of Syria is stable enough to welcome people fleeing from war-devastated areas in the rest of the country and from Iraq. In the neighbourhood of Qamishli lives a mix of people: Kurdish, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians.

The area was multi-ethnic before the war, but since the conflict the communities are more mingled and multilingualism is essential for everyone to get along.  But there is another issue: children are often traumatized, and the different communities must learn to live together in peace. Watch this video to learn about the psychological aid offered by Rojava Free Women's Foundation to help develop local children and parents’ resilience. 

Part 2: Lebanon: Educating Syria's Lost Generation

In Lebanon, more than a million Syrian refugees have found a new home. Half of them are children, and most of them enter the labour market at an early age to support their families. 

There are almost 300,000 Syrian children out of school in Lebanon, but some of them are able to receive an informal education thanks to UNICEF and NGOs like BEYOND. These NGOs have set up learning and play centers to help young people keep on learning. 

However, obtaining valid certifications for those who want to return to Syria one day can be a challenge. Watch this video to find out how UNICEF is trying to find a solution to help these students build a better future.

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