Aflatoun Concept School

About the Project

Aflatoun Concept Schools is built on five years’ experience of bringing the Aflatoun curriculums to Chinese primary schools and training teachers to deliver classes to children. The Aflatoun method of social and financial learning has been taken one step further, to affect and change the whole school. Begining in early 2014 with seven schools, Aflatoun has started to introduce different concepts such as: Aflatoun Classroom, where children can design their own learning environment; Aflatoun Bank, where children can save and manage their own finances; and Aflatoun Garden for children to grow their own vegetables and learn more about food and agriculture. The aim is to turn the learning environment around and, by engaging all students in Aflatoun events and training more teachers in Aflatoun methods, achieve a positive, engaging learning environment.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)