The African Children’s Stories Program

About the Project

African Children’s Stories (ACS) uses reading and writing of stories to promote literacy in Africa. ACS is an inclusive initiative that has engaged over 37,000 children from 619 primary schools in 21 African nations in which they write stories that are later published and freely distributed back into the community by the Ducere Foundation.

The ACS has a key element of cultural preservation, encouraging children to tell their own stories that are both relevant to and engage with their local cultures, along with enhancing literacy skills, providing hope for the future. The books are distributed across schools, and accessible to the greater community. This model has proven to be a success, as the children tend to understand and connect better with reading materials that they can relate to, hence simplifying the learning process. As a result, the ACS model has been able to replicate and expand into 21 African nations, creating over 50 collections, and printing over 300,000 books.



April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)