The Edible Schoolyard Project

About the Project

Started in 1995 as a one-acre garden and kitchen classroom at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School, in Berkeley, California, the Edible Schoolyard Project is a model public education program that instills the knowledge and values students need to build a humane and sustainable future. The program is internationally recognized for its efforts to integrate gardening, cooking, and sharing school lunch into the core academic curriculum.
ESYP envisions gardens and kitchens as hands-on, interactive classrooms for all academic subjects and a free, delicious, and sustainable lunch for every student. By integrating edible education into all K-12 schools the project transforms the health and values of every child.
The organization works with a growing cadre of committed changemakers— educators, school administrators, parents, community and social justice advocates, artists, politicians, technologists, environmental leaders, economists, farmers, scientists, and healthcare professionals.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)