Me & MyCity

About the Project

Me & MyCity is a learning concept on entrepreneurship, the economy and society for sixth-grade pupils (12 to 13 years of age). The Me & MyCity study module includes training for teachers, learning materials based on the national curriculum and a visit to the MyCity learning environment. The MyCity learning environment is a 500-square-meter miniature town built with movable wall elements.
The MyCity learning environment includes business premises for 15 companies and has its own banking system. For one day, the visiting pupils work in a profession, earn a salary and act as consumers and members of their own society. Each regional MyCity reflects the features of local business life. Me & MyCity is a unique concept in entrepreneurship education based on the Finnish curriculum. It already reaches half of Finland’s sixth graders, i.e. over 30,000 pupils in a year. In addition, the project involves teachers, university students and companies.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-10-2019)