Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP)

About the Project

The Mother Child Education Program (MOCEP) is a 25-week-long, home-based, low-cost training program for children from five to six years of age who do not have access to preschool education services, and their mothers. 

The program targets both the mother and the child, with educational outcomes geared towards both groups. It enriches children cognitively, in order to boost school readiness and optimal psychosocial development, and trains mothers, creating sustainable nurturing and healthy home environments. Studies have found that, with MOCEP, children are better prepared for school, show lower drop-out rates and achieve consequent success in education, all resulting in better life chances than their peers. Its impact has also been proven on mothers as they report better relations with children and spouses as a result of positive parenting, and improved communication skills and self-esteem, all resulting in the empowerment of women as individuals and mothers. 

MOCEP has proved innovative in developing a low-cost, effective, home-based program for young children with new training materials and methodology. As such, it formed the basis for the government’s family education program. It has also inspired the use of new media, such as distance learning via TV, and the development of new models of family education at ACEV, such as the Father Support program.


April 24, 2019 (last update 07-23-2020)