Open Book

About the Project

Most people in the developing world never own a book. Even in developed countries the prohibitive price of textbooks and academic titles hinders education. With the power of digital books we can change that. Open Book Publishers (OBP) is a not for profit organization based in Cambridge and the leading Open Access publisher for academic works and textbooks in the UK.
OBP was founded in 2008 by a group of academics in Cambridge and London passionate about disseminating knowledge. We have spearheaded an innovative and low-cost publishing model to democratize access to learning, by making high-quality textbooks for secondary schools and monographs freely available online alongside inexpensive printed editions. Our model represents an alternative to traditional educational books and textbook publishing — a system that, given the exorbitant prices charged, is highly restrictive and benefits only the privileged few with access to well-stocked libraries.
We have been very successful in removing barriers to knowledge: OBP has published 90 titles, including works by some of the world’s leading scholars, including Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen, Noam Chomsky, and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Our work is particularly important for developing countries where only books that are free and digital can reach readers. We have partnered with organizations such as World Reader to ensure that our titles are freely available to a large readership in Africa and Asia on various devices, including mobile phones. These efforts have attracted a large number of readers: for example, our most accessed book, Oral Literature in Africa, has been viewed more in Africa than any other continent.

Open Book Publishers is the biggest open access academic publisher of monographs in the UK and amongst the leaders in the English-speaking world. We are the hub of choice for a rapidly increasing international network of scholars who believe it is time for academic publishing to become fairer, faster and more accessible.


April 24, 2019 (last update 09-19-2019)