WISE Accelerator

2016-2017 WISE Accelerator

The five innovative projects of the 2016-17 WISE Accelerator are from Canada, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Selected Projects

  • Aflatoun Education

Reach: Africa
Headquarters: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Date of creation: 2014
Alfatoun Education is a platform that strengthens teacher capacity globally by delivering Social and Financial Education through online and offline technology. The platform provides a self-study course that gives teachers who have already participated in Aflatoun workshops refresher and supplementary training. The modules deal with both program implementation and active-learning methods transferrable to any subject. The project has impacted over 150 teachers and 6000+ students so far.

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  • Chalk.com

Reach: Global
Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Date of creation: 2013
Chalk.com is a school management system providing real time data from the classroom to help schools understand what actually works. With its award winning workflow tools for teachers, Chalk.com allows teachers to truly personalize learning by better understanding every student’s individual needs. The real time data from the classroom results in rich insights for the administration to make more informed decisions. Today, over 200,000 teachers use Chalk.com's tools to plan lessons, align to curriculum, and assess their students.

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  • Edukasyon.ph

Reach: Philippines
Headquarters: Manila, Philippines
Date of creation: 2013
Edukasyon.ph is an online platform empowering students in the Philippines with opportunities to find education pathways for their dream careers. Students gain advice by filtering and ranking offers based on price, quality and relevance, and navigating through 200 career pathways. The website also offers convenience by allowing students to apply to schools online directly. With a current reach of 50,000 users every month, the website has witnessed user growth of over 20 percent a month.

More about Edukasyon.ph

  • Joko's World

Reach: Global
Headquarters: Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
Date of creation: 2013
Joko's World is a suite of interactive learning applications that brings world cultures and intercultural understanding to the classroom in a fun way. Joko's World blends music, geography and culture in a unique and educational way, allowing students to build skills and knowledge on a diverse range of cultures. The project uses games that allow students to incrementally build skills and knowledge through game-based challenges that offer instant feedback. The project currently has more than 10,000 users globally.

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  • Learn Syria

Reach: Global
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada
Date of creation: 2013
Learn Syria is an education campaign bringing free digital education to Syrian refugees via a collaborative platform and Rumie tablets that work offline. The project works with local partners and thousands of skilled volunteers online and has built a full digital Syrian curriculum for children from grades 1-12 for autonomous learning. This content is then loaded onto its learning tablets that work fully offline and are deployed through local partners in Turkey and Lebanon. The project reaches over 25,000 Syrian students.

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The Committee

Mr. Stavros N. Yiannouka,

Mr. Salvador Medina Chao,

Mr. Sandeep Aneja,

Dr. Ahmed K. Elmagarmid,

Ms. Sandy Speicher,
 United States of America

Ms. Florence Toffa, 

Mr. Ron Reed, 
United States of America

Mr. Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet,

Ms. Kate Wang,

Ms. Ana Maria Raad Briz,

Structure of the program

The year-long program is designed to assess and suit project needs as precisely as possible in order to bring them to the next stage in their successful development.

Key milestones in the 2016-2017 process are:
  • Kick-off week of activities
  • Needs assessment
  • Tailor-made mentorship
  • Opportunity to participate in international events
  • Ongoing communication and international visibility
  • Pitch with partners, investors and donors
  • Progress assessment

Program Guidance Note

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