WISE Accelerator

2017-2018 WISE Accelerator

The four innovative projects of the 2017-18 WISE Accelerator are from Lebanon, France, and the UK.

Selected Projects

  • CamBioScience

Reach: United Kingdom
Headquarters: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Date of creation: 2015
CamBioScience provides a cloud platform that delivers individualized online courses in life science technologies for professionals in academia and industry. The company offers the use of its cloud learning platform, either on its own, or for use in combination with hands-on courses which take place in laboratories, research centers and universities around the world.

> Read more about CamBioScience
  • Doc Academy

Reach: United Kingdom
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Date of creation: 2012
Doc Academy is an education program that aims to develop critical and independent thinking in young people and bring to life some of today’s more complex and challenging social issues. Using the power of documentary film as a stimulus for learning and debate, Doc Academy is designed to help teachers and students think about the world, society, and their place in it.

> More about Doc Academy

  • Pixis

Reach: France
Headquarters: Paris, France
Date of creation: 2013
Pixis is an online platform that aims to become the college counselor of the future through the use of artificial intelligence and data science, with the goal of transforming career guidance. It aims to create a framework inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to tackle new challenges in the world of work.

More about Pixis

  • Tabshoura in a Box

Reach: Lebanon
Headquarters: Beirut, Lebanon
Date of creation: 2015
Tabshoura is a free digital platform that provides interactive resources and activities aimed to reinforce knowledge, critical thinking and STEAM skills through technology. The content is developed together with local teachers and pedagogical experts and follows a learning by doing approach, engaging the students actively in their learning.

> More about Tabshoura in a Box


The Committee

Mr. Emad Al Khaja,

Mr. Sandeep Aneja,

Ms Jo Besford,
South Africa

Mr. Salvador Medina Chao,

Ms Anna Penido,

Ms Deborah Quazzo,
United States of America

Ms Sandy Speicher,
 United States of America

Mr. Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet,

Ms. Kate Wang,

Mr. Stavros N. Yiannouka,

Structure of the program

The year-long program is designed to assess and suit project needs as precisely as possible in order to bring them to the next stage in their successful development.

Key milestones in the 2017-2018 process are:
  • Kick-off week of activities
  • Needs assessment
  • Tailor-made mentorship
  • Opportunity to participate in international events
  • Ongoing communication and international visibility
  • Pitch with potentiel partners, investors and donors
  • Progress assessment

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