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WISE announces new cohort for its 2016-2017 Learners’ Voice Program

Learnes' Pitch Session at 2015 WISE Summit

Learnes' Pitch Session at 2015 WISE Summit


The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) has announced the new cohort of outstanding young people who will be participating in the 2016-2017 Learners’ Voice Program. Thirty-one young education advocates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, coming from 25 different countries, have been selected to join the international Learners’ Voice community and engage in global dialogue on pressing issues in education. 

In addition to their participation at the WISE Summit 2017, the Learners will participate in two intensive residential sessions delivered by expert faculties, as well as in a variety of online and on-site activities. In a key component of the program, due to start January 2017, the Learners will form teams in order to conceive and design innovative projects that address critical education challenges. After thorough evaluation by the Learners’ Voice team, selected projects will have an opportunity to pitch their proposals to an audience of potential investors, donors, and partners at the WISE Summit 2017 in Doha, Qatar.

The Learners say

"I expect a full year packed with learning, from the mentors, facilitators, from the Learner’s Voice Team and from my fellow learners. I am looking forward to the trainings and the sharing from the experts in the field of education from all over the world. ", Guill Marc D. Mariano, Philippines

"From the Learners’ Voice Program, I expect learning opportunities, international exposure, and maybe investment opportunities for our project.  I want to be an entrepreneur, running and managing my own business, and I am sure Learners’ Voice will put me on the path to reach that.", Omar Rabie, Egypt

"I am super excited to be selected as a participant, and it means a busy and meaningful year ahead of me. It also means that my endeavor and efforts has been recognized by such a prestigious organization. I can’t wait to start my journey at Learners’ Voice program.", Jiqi Yang, China/Canada

About the Learners' Voice Program

The Learners’ Voice Program was established in 2010 to engage the views and creative energies of young people in addressing pressing global education issues and challenges.  The current Learners’ Voice community comprises over 150 Learners from over 60 countries. They represent diverse backgrounds and disciplines but all share a passion for education. Together they represent a unique perspective within the WISE community.

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