The WISE Awards

2015 WISE Awards

2015 WISE Awards

2015 WISE Awards

The 2015 WISE Awards winning projects have been selected. The six innovative education projects originate from Qatar, Argentina, Egypt, Kenya and the USA. They were selected from a pool of 15 Finalists for their creative approach to learning and positive impact on society.

About the Winning Projects

The winning projects address education issues linked to literacy, special needs, access and employment.

The Qatari project Al-Bairaq supports innovation and entrepreneurship by immersing secondary students in hands-on scientific activities and practice in order to build appreciation and understanding of the work of scientists and offer them new opportunities in STEM fields.

Bridge International Academies in Kenya provides a standardized model of high-quality affordable education by designing cutting edge curricula, building schools and training teachers from the local community.

Egypt-based Nafham crowd-sources educational video content aligned to school curricula in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, and Syria, in order to fill the gaps in access, quality and infrastructure in education.

In Uganda, the Educate! Experience is partnering with schools to foster a culture of entrepreneurship among youth by tailoring an innovative and cost-effective education model to the skill requirements of the job market.

The Talking Book Program provides key health and agriculture related information to illiterate farming communities in rural Ghana through an affordable audio computer.

In Argentina, VideoBook for Deaf Children has revolutionized education for the deaf by providing video story books in Argentine Sign Language. Each videobook also has a voice-over and subtitles, so that deaf children and their hearing families alike can enjoy stories together.

Bridge International Academies
The Educate! Experience
The Talking Book Program
VideoBook for Deaf Children

The Selection Process

All applications should be completed on the official form in English. Eligible applications will be evaluated by a Pre-jury according to the guidelines. Fifteen finalists will be selected by Qatar Foundation, from which a Jury will make the final selection of six winning projects.

Submission period November 4, 2014 – January 15, 2015
Pre-Jury evaluation February - March
Announcement of Finalists April
Jury evaluation August
Announcement of winning projects September


Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock,
Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Horr,
Prof. Marwan Awartani,
Dr. Iman Bibars,
Ms Vicky Colbert,
Mr. Mark Surman,
Mr. Stavros N. Yiannouka,


  • Ms Estela Souza, International Consultant for Learning and Innovation, Argentina/Brazil
  • Ms Sheetal Mehta, Trustee and Executive Director, K. C. Mahindra Education Trust, 2009 WISE Awards Winner, India
  • Ms Jenny Lewis, Executive Director, International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement, Australia
  • Mr. Wei Wei, Head of Asia, Optimus Foundation, China
  • Ms Bruktawit Tigabu, General Manager and Co-Founder, Whiz Kids Workshop; 2010 Rolex Young Laureate, Ethiopia
  • Mr. Mohammed Fakhroo, CEO, Teach For Qatar, Qatar
  • Mr. James Jones, Manager of Community Investment Programs, Exxon Mobil Corporation, USA
  • Dr. Lu Bo, Co-Founder, Managing Director, World Future Foundation, Singapore