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Game-based Arabic lessons brought to Syrian refugees in Jordan

Game-based Arabic lessons


The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), the leading global initiative driving innovation and collaboration in education, has recently facilitated collaboration between Libraries Without Borders and eduTechnoz – two organisations supported by the WISE Accelerator, which is aimed at education start-ups and projects scaling up their services – which resulted in a collaboration that helps Syrian children in Jordan benefit from Arabic lessons.

Long-term emergencies, such as the Syrian civil war, put the education of entire generations in danger, diminishing human capital that is crucial to rebuilding a war-torn country. In addition, children who experience violence and uncertainty at a young age must be given the means to obtain a sense of normality and happiness in their lives. For these reasons, innovative, game-based education caters to both the educational and emotional needs of refugee children.

eduTechnoz and Libraries Without Borders decided to work together after their representatives met within the framework of the WISE Accelerator, a program offering opportunities for innovative education projects to scale-up and extend their services and in which both organisations participated.

Giving children, especially those living in refugee camps or war zones, an opportunity to learn Arabic has been a priority for eduTechnoz, but the organisation has faced challenges in providing proper tablets and reliable Internet connection. Partnering with Libraries Without Borders was a unique chance to bring children tangible education opportunities and to better serve disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Jordanian refugee camps and eventually elsewhere in the region. This partnership allowed combining innovative Arab learning pedagogy of eduTechnoz with access to the latest technologies available on the education market provided by Ideas Box. 

The WISE Accelerator facilitated this networking opportunity that resulted in a project generating a meaningful impact for the most vulnerable children in need of help in the refugee camps.

“This partnership would not be possible if it was not for the Accelerator program organized by WISE. Thanks to such an opportunity, eduTechnoz and Libraries Without borders found a way to combine their expertise and learn from each other through building a collaboration that will support Syrian refugee children’s educational experience,” said Ms Diana Al-Dajani, the founder and CEO of eduTechnoz.

“Quality contents are key if the Ideas Box is to reach its goal: improve access to education for vulnerable people. The partnership between Libraries Without Borders and eduTechnoz means more relevance and efficiency in supporting Syrian refugee children,” said Mr Jérémy Lachal, Libraries Without Borders general director. 

About the WISE Accelerator 

The WISE Accelerator relies on the expertise of qualified mentors and partners to provide projects with effective strategies and concrete support to ensure their development. Five projects are selected annually to benefit from an annual mentoring scheme addressing their specific needs. In addition, the WISE Accelerator serves as an intermediary to connect the selected projects with an international network that creates opportunities to share knowledge and find support from donors and investors.


About eduTechnoz

eduTechnoz strives to inspire children to fall in love with Arabic by offering over 400 fun, educational online resources (games, printable worksheets and eBooks) for children 3-8 years old to benefit from.  All these edutainment resources are presented in a highly gamified portal, where kids can collect badges and points to compete on a global level. eduTechnoz’s platform has enabled teachers to add fun and entertaining elements in the classroom while enabling students to practice specific skills from home as homework (play a set of recommended games). eduTechnoz’s rewards system has been improving children's confidence in their Arabic language acquisition (native and non-native). eduTechnoz has served over 50,000 users from all over the world and has received generous press and awards.


About Ideas Box

Displaced people and refugees have immediate needs for food, shelter, and medical aid. Once these needs are met, communities need to begin rebuilding themselves. Too often, the tools to build the future are lacking. This is the reason why Libraries Without Borders developed the Ideas Box in partnership with the designer Philippe Starck. The Ideas Box is a mobile and flexible tool used to reach populations lacking access to culture, especially the most vulnerable: the young, unstable, migrants, rural populations, etc. Whether in developed countries or in underserved areas, the Ideas Box plays a major role in spreading education and culture and in enabling libraries to reach new users. Since 2015, two Ideas Box have been implemented in Jordan. The first one was deployed in Azraq refugee camp in April 2015, in partnership with UNHCR and Care International. Since the beginning of 2016, the second one has been deployed in Hashmi Shimali, at a community center run by Care in the capital city of Amman. 

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