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WISE & EdTedXGlobal launch the First Global Index of Makers & Shakers in Education Technology

2016 Makers & Shakers

2016 Makers & Shakers


The World Innovation Summit for Education, the global initiative driving innovation and collaboration in education, and EdTechXGlobal, the organisers of the leading education technology-focused conference EdTechXEurope, have launched the Makers and Shakers of Education Technology Index, the first comprehensive global listing of ground-breaking innovators in Edtech. 

The international index celebrates 50 of the most innovative Edtech thought leaders, organised in four geographical regions (Europe, the Americas, MENA, and Asia). The 2016 Index honours these luminaries who have introduced creative ways of learning through play, construction or interactive design, using digital technologies and informed by the needs of modern labour markets.

"Through this Index, WISE seeks to support creative individuals who are working hard to achieve positive socio-economic impact through education," said Stavros N. Yiannouka, CEO, WISE.

“The Makers + Shakers in Education Technology is a global index that elevates Education innovators and thought leaders as 21st Century social rock stars. The index rewards talent, creativity, impact and influence in education,” added Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Co-Founder of EdTechXGlobal.

About the Makers and Shalers Education Technology Index 

The WISE and EdTechXGlobal teams preselected 25 names per region for the “Makers of Education and Technology” and the “Shakers of Education and Technology” categories.  The role of the Advisory Committee was to score each proposed name based on the below criteria. A ranking was then generated to list final 50 the “Makers” and “Shakers” per region.

Each criterion was scored from 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest score. These were: 

  • Individual vision. The individual demonstrates a powerful and unique vision for the role of technology in education.
  • Disruptive innovation. The initiative(s) launched by the individual is a creative and disruptive solution to an education challenge, showing innovation in its use of technology, design, methodology and/or practice. The actor is offering new ways of learning and distinguishes himself/herself from other actors in similar fields. 
  • Impact and contribution to education. The impact of the individual in the field of Edtech has been recognized and documented as having a positive impact on its beneficiaries and society at large. 

The full list of Makers and Shakers


  1. Mr. Salman Khan (Shaker)
  2. Mr. Luis von Ahn (Shaker)
  3. Mr. Anant Agarwal (Shaker)
  4. Ms Daphne Koller (Shaker)
  5. Mr. Larry Rosenstock (Maker)
  6. Dr. Satya Nitta (Shaker)
  7. Mr. Max Ventilla (Maker)
  8. Ms Reshma Saujani (Maker)
  9. Mr. Miguel Brechner (Maker)
  10. Mr. Michael Furdyk (Maker)
  11. Mr. Rodrigo Baggio (Shaker)
  12. Mr. Andres Moreno (Maker)
  13. Ms Ayah Bdeir (Shaker)


  1. Ms Zhennan Huann (Maker)
  2. Mr. Erick Yang (Shaker)
  3. Ms Sashwati Banerjee (Shaker)
  4. Mr. Sugata Mitra (Shaker)
  5. Mr. Vamsi Krishna (Maker)
  6. Mr. Bangxin Zhang (Shaker)
  7. Mr. Frances Valintine (Shaker)
  8. Mr. Xiaohua Ji (Shaker)
  9. Mr. Cairui Fu (Shaker)
  10. Ms Genevieve Gilmore (Maker)
  11. Mr. Yongjae Kim (Maker)
  12. Ms Roshni Mahtani (Maker)


  1. Mr. Tonee Ndungu (Maker)
  2. Mr. Ahmed Alfi (Shaker)
  3. Mr. David Kobia (Shaker)
  4. Mr. Gossy Ukanwoke (Maker)
  5. Ms Diana Al-Dajani (Maker)
  6. Mr. Obanor Chukwuwezam (Maker)
  7. Mr. Nafez Dakkak (Maker)
  8. Mr. Verone Mankou (Maker)
  9. Ms Nivi Mukherjee (Maker)
  10. Ms Juliana Rotich (Maker)
  11. Ms Tabitha Bailey (Maker)
  12. Ms Asia Kamukama (Shaker)


  1. Mr Michal Borkowski  (Maker)
  2. Mr. Demis Hassabis (Shaker)
  3. Mr. Filippo Yacob (Maker)
  4. Mr. David Braben (Maker)
  5. Ms Nell Watson (Maker)
  6. Mr. Thierry Debarno (Maker)
  7. Mr. Brian J. Baptista (Shaker)
  8. Mr. Jeremy Lachal (Shaker)
  9. Mr. Xavier Niel (Shaker)
  10. Mr. Mike Dawson (Maker) 
  11. Mr. Tom Hatton (Maker)
  12. Ms Charlotte Fereday (Maker)
  13. Dr. Michaela Meier (Maker)

About WISE

Qatar Foundation, under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser launched the World Innovation Summit for Education in 2009. WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action. Through the Summit and a range of ongoing programs, WISE has established itself as a global reference in new approaches to education, promoting innovation and partnership.

About EdTechXGlobal

EdTechXGlobal connects the global Edtech community though an insight, investment and annual thought leadership event series, EdTechXEurope in London and EdTechXAsia in Singapore. The EdTechXGlobal summits bring together executive level investors, innovators, and industry influencers from worldwide education technology companies. Through extensive networking opportunities, the conferences in London and Singapore also aim to connect leading foundations, higher-education institutions, policy makers, and thought leaders from the industry as well. 


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